Elementor #849

From this month and periodically, our farmhouse will host Italian and 
international artists. The main hall will also become an exhibition hall.
A way to bring our customers closer to art. We started with a
Gerogian artist: Maia Ramishvili. "In the 1990s, decorative trends burst into Georgian fine arts with new displays
and potential. Ornamentism is one of the factors determinants in the emotional
influence on the viewer. The compound of Georgian artistic experience and European tradition provides
a varied and fascinating capacity for creativity. Maya Ramishvili is one of the artists whose art has helped the two origins
to merge and create an expressive world, characterized by aesthetics and harmony.
 His style is dominated by female figures represented with a harmonious mix
 of elegance and simplicity. His works are kept in private collections
in Georgia, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, France, Italy, Spain,
Canada, USA. "
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