The rural house is the result of a sustainable project. Renovated in bio-architecture, in full compliance with anti-seismic and safety standards, it preserves the harmony of the past, offering spectacular visions that range between the colors and shapes of the countryside, from the Gran Sasso to the Maiella, in a serene and comfortable atmosphere immersed in peasant life.


PRICES  *(for 1 night for 1 room)


double bedroom, for 2 person€100,00 *
double bedroom with two additional single beds€130,00*
double bedroom with a king-size bed and 2 additional single beds€130,00*
The bedrooms are very large and comfortable and allow for the addition of more single beds€ 15 *for 1 bed

*Price can be accommodated for a single person.


Breakfast includes:
-traditional Italian coffee;
-homemade cakes, seasonal fruit, jams and fruit juices of our own production;
-on request, at an extra charge, savoury breakfast with cold meats, cheeses, vegetables and eggs.  



A shop featuring local, mostly homegrown food restaurant, that can accommodate a maximum of 40 guests, cosy with a friendly atmosphere; the menu is based on typical Abruzzo dishes. During the day the restaurant is open. There is also a swimming pool in the garden space.

Guests can enjoy the beautiful surrounding countryside sipping coffee, and teas of all varieties and tasting sweet or salty snacks.



to book in advance bus-service for and from the Pescara Airport, the Pescara train station and down-town Penneto book guided towards in surrounding towns and villages that are close to the area (Penne, Città S. Angelo, Atri, Silvi, Chieti……)to enjoy guided nature walks (Tratturi,Vitello d’oro,….)to share according to the season the activities that are linked to the B&B food production (i.e. olive picking, the making of oil, tomatoe’s sauce,jams and marmelades, etc)