For lovers of extra virgin olive oil, excellent wine and good food we offer the opportunity to savor all the taste of typical Abruzzese products, for a unique sensory experience.


For a better tasting of the dishes, taking into account seasonal products, we prepare a different menu for our guests from time to time. The route provides a strong enhancement of local dishes but also several proposals in which, with local products, traditions of other places are recalled. Particular attention is assigned to the needs of intolerances, dietetic in general, better if previously reported. Tasting itineraries for celiacs, vegetarians and vegans. In this time takeaway dishes.


Some of our starters:

Peppers and eggs

Legume soup

Wild beets and potatoes

Lamb chops

Fracchiata with sweet peppers and sardines

Cascigni and beans

Rustic sheep ricotta

Vegetable cobbler

Eggplant or courgette rolls


Caramelized onions

Tropicalised onions and sausage

Meatballs and cabbage

Beans potatoes and string

Chickpea and saffron cream

Chickpeas and chestnuts

Puntarelle and oranges

Barley and vends rice with ginger

Beef burgers with capers

Asparagus and eggs

Gratinated pumpkin


Some of our first courses:

Saragolla and chickpea slicers

Sea bream slicers with seasonal vegetables

Cutters, green beans and potatoes

Saragolla tagliatelle with duck sauce

Carrots of saragolla with mushrooms

Saragolla carratini with truffle flakes

Sheep ricotta ravioli with emulsified oil

Gramigna with sausage sauce

Seasonal risotto

Farfalle with sausage


Cauliflower pasta

Pasta Alla Genovese

Pasta with vegetables

Saragolla gnocchi with thistles and pistachios


Some of our seconds courses:

Beer chicken

Baked saddle of lamb with potatoes

Abruzzese sausage

Fillet With Pink Pepper

Grilled beef nut

Roast beef with Montepulciano

Genoese sub-palette

Beef stew

Cut with sanguine

Sheep strips on the grill

Rosemary beef strips

Rabbit In Frying Pan

Mbriadoria eggs

Eggs with truffle flakes


Some of our side dishes:

Baked potatoes

Mushrooms in vinegar

Baked vegetables: cauliflower, fennel, radicchio, broccoli, etc.

Chicory, stir-fried turnip top

Seasonal salads

Onions caramelized with grapes and olives

Cascigni sautéed with almonds

Pumpkin / courgette potato puree


Some of our desserts:

Apple pie / strudel with hot cream

Chocolate tart with jam

Yogurt / peaches / cream parfait

Crunchy sesame

Traditional Abruzzese cake

Cream and almond cake

Pumpkin dessert

Chocolate mousse

Frozen cream

Ricotta cake


Almond biscuits


Pan Dei Morti

Christmas sweets (cacionetti, sfogliatelle)

Frost Melone



Your lunches and dinners accompanied by a selected cellar of local and national wines

For FAI members 10% discount for the purchase of products and for the restaurant and accommodation service


Among our suppliers:


WINE – Forteto della Luja, Cantina San Lorenzo, Cantina Gentile, Cantina Vagli, Rosarubra, Botter, Pretaroli
CHEESES – Santa Caterina
BUTCHERS – D’ Addazio
PASTA – Verrigni