On this page you will find all our products,  from tomato sauce to extra virgin olive oil, from jams to chickpeas. But also our face and body creams made with a percentage of extra virgin oil, our fig essence perfume, and the wool of Gran Sasso sheep, ideal for making sweaters that are very warm and soft to the touch. By ordering the products directly in our farmhouse or by e-mail, we will apply a welcome discount of 15% on the list price that you will find on the e-shop to your first order. In this case, payment can be made via PayPal or by bank transfer.

The email where to order directly from the farmhouse is:

or you can order on the Cignale e-shop present on the Artigiano platform at the fair

collemaggio products

Our products have been given this name, as the production takes place in the countryside near the hill called Collemaggio where our Agriturismo stands.

Extra Virgin olive oil

The production guarantees a qualitatively high result, due to the particular hilly climate (meeting between sea and mountain breezes, strong temperature range), the intact soil, the variety of cultivars, the continuous attention to the different phases of cultivation and processing, in particular with milling within 24 hours of harvesting. The cultivar is the Dritta. An oil with a strong taste.


We have 3 different formats for sale:


0.50 L bottle for € 11.50 (ideal for a gift)

Can of 1 L. for € 14.90

Bag in box of 5 L. for € 69.90


In our garden we grow Abruzzo pear tomatoes. Very rich in pulp with a high content of Lycopenes, natural antioxidants. From them we produce the Passata and the M’briadoria. The M’Briadoria is a typical Abruzzo specialty made with tomato and mixed vegetables, ideal for cooking the typical M’briadoria egg.


Pastes are available in 2 weights:

575 g. € 6.90
315 g. € 4.00
The M’briadoria sauce in one

315 g for € 6.00
Considering the limited productions as they are artisanal, it is advisable to book them in the period of July / August, when


There are different types of compotes of our production.

Among them Strawberry Grapes, Cori Figs, Oranges, Lemons, Montepulciano Grapes, Zucchini, Apricot.

Of particular production, typically Abruzzo, is the scrucchiata di Uva Montepulciano. A very long process in which each grape is deprived of seeds by hand, with a particular movement called in the local dialect “scratching”.


220 gr. € 5.90

150 gr. € 4.00


220 gr. € 8.90

150 gr. € 5.00


In our production there is no shortage of fruit juices, made only with ripe fruit, a few sugar and lemon.

The flavors available are Pear, Peach and Montepulciano Grape.


Pear and Peach Jar of 575 gr € 4.90

Montepulciano grape from 575 gr. € 6.00


Chickpeas, Tondini della Valle del Tavo and Santo Stefano Lentils are part of our catalog dedicated to legumes. The Tondini are very particular. A product that is very easy to digest thanks to a very thin skin. The same goes for the Lentils of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, produced between 1000 and 1400 m of altitude, easy to digest and with very small dimensions compared to classic Lentils.


Chickpeas 300 gr. € 4.00

Santo Stefano Lentils 300gr. € 7.90

Tondini del Tavo 300gr. € 7.90


In order to enhance sheep farming and promote the use of natural fibers, we have created, in collaboration with Biella Wool Company *, a fantastic soft wool with the fleece of Italian merinized sheep. The use of natural wool, if properly selected and spun, has a significant therapeutic property both in contact with the body and in the processing phase.

Quantity required for a medium size sweater is 5 skeins.


1 skein of 100 gr. € 8.90

5 skeins of 100 gr. € 37.90


Extra virgin olive oil was used not only in the kitchen but also for skin and hair care. We wanted to resume this tradition and created a Collemaggio cosmetic line with our own extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf extract *. The absence of parabens and mineral oils in the creams and of parabens, sles and sls in the shampoo and shower gel allow our products to be usable and suitable for the most sensitive skin.

 * in collaboration with the Osmos companies of Lazzate (Va) and the Natural Laboratory of Senigallia (PS)


Hand cream 50 ml. € 9.90

Body cream 75 ml. € 12.90

Face cream 50 ml. € 17.90

Shampoo 150ml € 7.90

Shower bath ml € 6.00

Soap 100 gr. € 3.90

Soap 1Kg. € 22.90

Eau de parfum

To resume the scents of summer that surround the farmhouse, we have created, in collaboration with Osmos di Lazzate (Mi), an Eau de Parfum that we have called Essenzia.

Below is the olfactory description:

Fruity, green, floral, sweet note.
Top: Fig, Davana ‘, Sweet Orange, Green Notes.
Heart: Jasmine, Marigold Flowers, Cyclamen.
Base: Amber Notes, Vetiver, Vanilla. 


Eau de Parfum Vaporizer 100 ml. € 48